Why the SwitchIt Adjustable Chain is here to change the lives of women who deserve more.

All good ideas originate from a problem. Or should we say, an opportunity.

The SwitchIt Adjustable Chain was developed with the goal of resurrecting clutches and purses that have lost their luster, oftentimes because straps have worn and frayed or are not the desired length to ensure functionality.

These items have sadly been dimmed and cast to the back of the closet, not able to be worn, yet not ready to be tossed. So frustrating!

To support the movement of “less is more”, the SwitchIt Adjustable Chain offers handbags and clutches new and different personalities, greater functionality, and improved safety, simply by swapping out the existing strap and replacing it with an easily adjustable and secure chain.

The SwitchIT Chain offers convenience, style, and security. All the things that matter the most.

Wear it. Love it. SwitchIt.